Green Facilities Resources

Resources from our Facilities Workshop

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Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Specific and detailed information on insulation, windows, lighting, thermostats and more energy and money saving topics. By Max Sherman
Financing your Projects
  •  How you can finance your projects and what rebates and government programs are available. By Mickey Harrison
5 Ways to Maintain and Maximize the Life of Your Roofs
  • How to be proactive in roof care and keep them well-maintained. Maximize the life of your roof. By Rob Poettgen
Removing the Material Reuse Roadblocks
  • It’s not necessary (or wise) to purchase all new materials when you can save money and help the Earth at the same time. How  have others successfully reused building materials? By Brian Alferman
 Tap Hidden Savings Sustainable Water Use
  • Provides approaches for monitoring facility water consumption performance and tactics for reducing both indoor potable water consumption and water use for landscaping. Learn the importance of conserving this resource to save energy and improve community well-being. By Richard Yoder
Starting a Community Garden and Growing Fruit Trees
  • Learn why you might want to start a garden. This workshop will offer the basic steps for getting a community vegetable garden and micro-orchard started the right way. By Rob Reiman
Simple Inexpensive Fixes
  • Sometimes we overlook the most obvious and small ways to save facility energy costs like caulking, weather-stripping, insulating rim joists, and more. O’Connell is the master of the small details that make a big difference. These ideas will be applicable to your homes too! The Hayes Company, is enthusiastic about teaching people easy ways to make their buildings and homes more sustainable. By Mike O’Connell
 Energy Star
  • Energy Star provided a guidebook entitled “Putting Energy Into Stewardship: ENERGY STAR Guide for Congregations.” This is an excellent resource for congregations. Click HERE for your own copy. Contact Craig Bernstein for more information at

Green Businesses

Here are the businesses that participated in our 2013 Sustainable Facilities Workshop. They might be of help to you as you green your buildings and grounds.

PlanetReuse is a consulting and brokering company focused on providing the insight, experience and materials its clients need. With a well-defined and efficient process, PlanetReuse expertly matches materials with designers, builders and owners to save projects money, serve LEED efforts and sustain the planet.

At Anthony Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, technicians are NATE-certified and receive ongoing training to keep them on the cutting edge of plumbing, heating and cooling technology. They are experts in their field whether it’s a simple air conditioning repair, installing a new furnace or whole-institution re-piping. Anthony thinks that quality service and impeccable customer care is the very least you should expect as a customer.

Brightergy empowers organizations, non-profits and government agencies to take control of their energy costs and usage through clean-energy generation, consumption, and distribution – an action that better enables them to manage cost and change. If you are interested in information on Solar Panels, you can check them out.

The Hays Company offers a variety of Home Energy Solutions; Home Energy Evaluations, Air Sealing, Ventilations, Insulation Removal, Windows and Doors. Hayes’s goal is to provide the highest quality products and superior service to their customers throughout the Kansas City Metro area.

At Bordner Installation Group’s guiding principles have always been built around outstanding workmanship that leads to quality home improvement with one goal in mind – satisfied customers. That’s why they’ve gained more than 60,000 satisfied customers in the Kansas City area since 1987. As a local, family-owned business, Bordner provides roofing, windows, doors, siding, stone and stucco products, workmanship and customer service to residential and commercial clients across the Kansas City Metro area.

Giving Grove is an affiliate of the Kansas City Community Garden, a non-profit organization that provides self-help and educational assistance to low-income people, children and community groups in the KC metropolitan area to grow their own food from garden plots located in backyards, vacant lots, school yards and at community sites. The mission is to develop replicable models for edible tree gardens, facilitate the implementation of those models by bringing together the needed resources, and provide a portion of the produce from each tree garden to feed those in need. Edible Tree Gardening is a sustainable food production and land management system based on planting fruit and nut trees, berry producing bushes and shrubs, and includes perennial herbs and vegetables.

Lutron saves energy one dimmer at a time. No matter where they’re installed or how big the system, Lutron products save energy by reducing electrical consumption. Taken as a whole, Lutron light controls have reduced electrical use by 9.2 billion kWh, which reduces customers’ electric bills by $1 billion annually.  Lutron also protects the environment by decreasing the demand for light bulbs. Since dimmers extend lamp life, customers have to buy fewer bulbs, and that reduces the energy and environmental impacts associated with the manufacturing of fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, and other types of lamps.

Friends of Sacred Structures (FOSS) is dedicated to the preservation and renovation of religious structures, especially those that support vital neighborhood needs. FOSS helps organizations restore their structures to better provide stability and hope to children and families in Kansas City’s urban core and beyond.

The Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center (P2RIC) improves resource sharing among the programs, businesses, and agencies within Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska that provide waste reduction services and expertise to business and industry.  P2RIC is one of eight EPA funded regional information centers called the Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange that increase P2 effectiveness and awareness by providing P2 programs with timely, accurate and useful information and resources.  This effort serves the regional and national interests by promoting prevention as the preferred strategy for meeting the sustainability challenge of retaining the current quality of life in a healthy Earth system.

ECS Geothermal, Inc’s is a geothermal resource center. They are proud to be a full-service provider of Water Furnace geothermal products for the Kansas City area. They provide routine maintenance, equipment repair, or a complete comfort system and more. They install systems that uses the clean, renewable energy in your backyard to provide savings up to 70% on heating, cooling and hot water.

AGGRAND offers a safe and cost effective line of natural and organic liquid fertilizers. The products are not only convenient, but they are free of harmful chemicals which makes AGGRAND a good choice for congregations sustainable facilities, homeowners, commercial growers, lawn care, and turf professionals who are seeking natural products with proven performance.

In 1972 AMSOIL developed the first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet American Petroleum Institute service requirements. Currently, the AMSOIL product line includes the finest quality synthetic motor oils, synthetic diesel oils, gear lubes, synthetic greases, industrial lubricants, oil filters, air filters and automotive performance products.

S&W Waterproofing has the crews and equipment to protect buildings of any size, height, finish or location. They have the resources to respond immediately and to deliver complete environmental repair and restoration services across the Midwestern United States.

HD Energy Solutions is a licensed, fully insured non-union electrical contractor company offering a wide range of services from maintenance services, network installations, security systems, home automation, LED conversions, renewable energy like wind and solar power, to renovations and new construction for residential, commercial and industrial clients. They have earned a reputation as some of the best electricians by delivering fast, high quality work at reasonable rates. They give fast FREE estimates, competitive pricing and quick response on all their jobs.

Hathmore Technologies, LLC has been recognized as a progressive leader in energy & environmental consulting and 3rd party verification services.  They employ the latest technologies for testing, verification and certification of all types of buildings, and provide inspection and oversight services as well.  In 30+ years Hathmore Technologies has worked with every type of energy & green program.

AKA Energy Efficient Home Services conducts Home and Business Energy Audits, to help find the hot and cold spots in their home or buildings and then formulate a plan to take care of those problem areas. The Energy Audit results will help AKA Energy customize a plan for customers, to help them prioritize where their money should be spent.

ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency.