Creating a Green Team

How do you get a Green Team started? It begins with identifying one or more persons in the congregation with an interest in the environment. If you are that person reading this, talk to your congregation leadership about the possibility of starting a Green Team and find a couple more people who will join you. The next step is for interested team members to attend SSC’s Green Team Training.

Why attend an SSC 3-hour Green Team Training? An effective congregational Earth care ministry requires planning, leadership, and knowledge, and this training provides this and more. Getting training is a lot better than adopting a trial-and-error approach.

What does the training cover? More than you ever thought you needed to know, including:

  1. How to get everyone clamoring to be part of the team
  2. Getting buy-in and involvement from the congregation; addressing obstacles
  3. Having a roadmap to guide you and show you where to start
  4. Ideas for successful green initiatives
  5. How to market and promote your activities
  6. Where to find the resources you need

Click here for a list of benefits.

Contact us if you are interested in attending a Green Team Training or having us bring one to your congregation.

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