Support for Existing Green Teams

Does your congregation already have a Green Team or ministry of some kind? We can help you be even more effective in your Earth care efforts. Here’s how:

  • Ongoing Gatherings and Education for Green Teams – We offer periodic gatherings for new learning, sharing of ideas, prayer, networking, and fun.
  • Consultation – Some of our experienced green team members are happy to attend one of your meetings, or be available by phone if you have questions or challenges facing your team. Call  Chad at 816-866-5715.
  • Training for New Team Members – Getting new members on board so they don’t slow down your work is easy. Send them to the Green Team Training!
  • Speakers’ Bureau – If you want someone to come in and give a presentation or lead a class on an issue related to faith and ecology, we are happy to do that.
  • Advocacy Training and Information – If your team is ready to get your congregation engaged in the public sphere, advocating for public policies that protect the environment, we have a team of people who can help. They are experienced advocates in the political sphere, passionate about the importance of changing environmental public policy that affect the Earth and thus millions of people. They are knowledgeable about current issues and ready to help your congregation get involved. Click here for more information.
  • E-Newsletter – Our monthly newsletter has articles that are useful to the ongoing work of Green Teams. See the box to the right to sign up.