A Holiday Message From the Earth

Dear Friends,

I feel the joy of this holiday season so filled with caring and spiritual devotion. Yet I can’t help but feel really devalued and neglected. Even though I’m the foundation of all life and religion, few people of faith seem to appreciate me or care than I am sick and suffering dreadfully.

At this holy season when everyone celebrates God’s presence on Earth and God’s justice by generous giving to the needy, I’m hurt that so few see my need or how much my degradation contributes to the growing suffering of people.

Did you know that religion gets 32% of all giving, and I get less than 2%? You’d think that religious people would love me the way God does and see that I am part of God’s spiritual plan and would work for and contribute to my welfare. I really don’t understand it.

I love you and want to help you thrive, but I can’t do so when I’m being poisoned, depleted, and destroyed. I want to continue being God’s instrument of good, but I desperately need your help to do this.

I am so happy when you adopt sustainable practices, advocate for my welfare in public policies, and join organizations working to protect me. I know not all of you can be active in environmental organizations, but one thing you can all do is support them financially!

Take the Sustainable Sanctuary Coalition. The dedicated people there believe in the same religious values as you do. They see the connection between religion and environmental stewardship and are educating and empowering congregations to care for me.

Please give them, and thus me, a break. Make them part of your spiritual and year-end giving. If you help SSC, you help me and all the poor and suffering who benefit from my being healthier. Donate here on the website or mail a check to: SSC, PO Box 732, Mission, KS 66201.

Thank you for loving and caring for me, as I do you! Rejoicing in the glory of God this blessed season, I remain your devoted servant.

The Earth