Dec. 2 Monthly Program Features Humanity Ascending Film by Barbara Marx Hubbard

At some points in history, new developments arise that require us to think in different ways about who we are and what we are about. This new thinking affects every aspect of our lives, including how we think and speak about God and spirituality. It also grounds our actions for the planet at a profoundly spiritual level.
As a new year approaches, expand your mind to think in new ways about the future of humanity and the Earth. Attend our Monday night, Dec. 2nd, monthly program and watch and discuss the acclaimed film, Humanity Ascending, by author and futuriest Barbara Marx Hubbard. Learn about the untold story of humanity as seen through evolutionary eyes, and how our 14 billion year history is an ongoing journey of transformation. Come away with a compelling vision of hope that, if an old world is dying, a new one is waiting to be born.

While Hubbard doesn’t give us answers to our theological or spiritual questions, she does lay out the new cosmology/world view that offers all humans a way to come together without relinquishing our cherished traditions.  She shows us that our various creation stories, which often lead to separation, can in fact bring us together in profound connectedness within a larger story which invites us to participate in creating our human future together.  As more people become familiar with the “New Universe Story,” it becomes imperative that we ponder together how this story impacts both what we do and how we do it, how it both affirms our religious/spiritual paths and invites us to move beyond the present into the continued unfolding the human journey.

This program is being held Monday, Dec. 2, 7-8:30 pm, Village Presbyterian Church, 6641 Mission Road, Prairie Village, Kansas, Room 126. All are welcome!