Why are People Excited to be Involved with SSC? An Interview with Stan Chappell

What makes people take their precious time to volunteer with Sustainable Sanctuary and donate to the organization? We asked Stan Chappell, a member of Village Presbyterian Church and our newest board member, and here is what he said: “I am excited to be on the board because it gives me an opportunity to combine my faith journey with my concern for the environment. I believe that the holy spirit is in all of creation, not just humans, and so I think the religious community is fertile ground for environmental action.”

His hope for serving on the board is that his small contribution can make a difference, can help change things for the better. And he looks forward to making new friends through the group.

Stan donates to SSC because he believes in its mission and knows it can only do its good work if it has the financial resources it needs.

Stan grew up in a small town in southwest Missouri, basically a rural area with lots of outdoor recreational opportunities. He says, “My family was very involved in hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities, and I realized at an early age that a combination of population growth, changing farming practices, and pollution were degrading the environment and destroying wildlife habitat and I didn’t like it.”Stan and Tar Sands

So Stan channeled his concerns into concrete action. He was part of the Justice, Peace and Environment Committee at Village Church for some years, became more sustainable at home, and engages in environmental advocacy, such as participating in the recent rally to oppose the Keystone pipeline.

Here is what Stan wants to say to all of you: “Please get informed and involved and help us spread the word. The need for environmental action and change goes beyond practical human-centered considerations. There is a spiritual and moral dimension to this as well.”

If you want to explore ways to be involved and volunteer, please contact Carol Meyer at 913-677-8672.