Seeking New Executive Director and Other SSC News!

Why do I look so happy? I’m retiring at the end of the year! As much as I love giving leadership to SSC, the thought of taking it easier sounds wonderful. So SSC is searching for a new director. It’s an exciting time of new potential and growth for our organization. So here is the scoop:

Why I’m Retiring
As much as I love SSC, I’m at an age where I’m ready toCarol happy stop working so hard. I’m excited about slowing down and smelling the roses, as they say. Taking care of myself. Spending more time with my grandkids. Pursuing new avenues of service. Dusting off some old dreams. Being open to how God wants to use me in this time of my life. I don’t know what all that looks like yet. Frankly I’m still too busy with SSC to put much energy into the future. I know it will all unfold as it should when the time comes.

My Continued Involvement with SSC
One thing I do know is that I’ll stay connected to SSC and help in whatever ways I can. I’ll definitely still help with the educational programs like the Green Team Training. And I’m happy to give talks and teach classes as I have been doing. So please keep asking. And I have ideas for a couple of new projects I would be excited about.

What We are Looking For in a New Director
The three primary things we need in a new director are a passion for the environment, experience and skill in directing a small non-profit, and a faith-based perspective and experience working with congregations. The details of the job posting follow at the end of this blog. We have applications from some great people, but are open to further candidates, so please let qualified people know of this job opportunity.

Seeking Office Space at a Church
The SSC office has been housed in my home, and my assistant Alyssa, who works 10 hours a week, comes to my home to work. This has worked well, but we feel it is time to get permanent office space to house the new director and other staff. We are hoping to find a church, somewhat centrally located, that might donate space for us or charge a minimal rent. Please let us know of any congregation that might have space for us, and we will get in touch with them.

SSC Has a New Grant Writer
In September, SSC contracted with Michelle Morse to write grants for us. She is doing a great job in this arena and helping in other fundraising efforts as well. We are hoping to get a grant this year or in the early months of next year to replace the Shumaker grant we received the past three years (and are no longer eligible for). This would enable us to add a Program Manager to the staff and to expand our services to congregations. The needs of the Earth are great and our mission to help congregations engage in Earth care is more vital than ever. We have the vision and energy to make SSC grow. We just need the money to make it happen, so please help pray that we have the resources that we need.

Two Board of Director Openings
SSC is blessed to have a very dedicated board of directors and it’s been wonderful to work with them. At the end of the year, our president, Rev. Dwight Tawney, will be retiring from the board after three and a half years of outstanding leadership. So we will be in need of his replacement and one other board member. If you have an interest or know of anyone who does, please let us know.

Why I Feel Good About the Future of SSC
So many things about the organization give me hope. Our Clergy Workshop last week was outstanding and so energizing. Our name recognition in the community and among faith communities continues to grow. We are collaborating with more and more community organizations. We are giving a lot more talks at churches. We keep developing new resources for congregations. A lot of exciting green things are happening in the congregations we are impacting. I can feel the Spirit at work. I believe a new Executive Director can move us to the next level of professionalism, growth and effectiveness. I know God and the Universe are on our side as together we do this “Great Work,” as Thomas Berry calls it!

Posting for an SSC Part-time Executive Director
25 hours a week position with local nonprofit, the Sustainable Sanctuary Coalition, effective January 1, 2014. SSC provides programs, consulting, and resources to help congregations in the Kansas City metro area care for the Earth. Learn more at


  • Directing and managing the organization
  • Working with the Board of Directors
  • Supervising two part-time staff
  • Designing, implementing, and conducting programs
  • Designing and marketing services
  • Fundraising

Skills Desired:

  • Leadership
  • Public speaking
  • Strong writing skills
  • Computer competence
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Education and program skills

Interests/Qualities Needed:

  • A passion for and knowledge of environmental issues
  • An interfaith perspective
  • Theological training helpful
  • A progressive mindset

Experience Required:

  • Working in a leadership position in a small non-profit, 7-10 years
  • Working with congregations and clergy
  • Involvement in the environmental arena, 2-3 years
  • Collaborating with local community groups
  • Fundraising

Work Location:
New office is being developed in a centrally-located area.

25 hours a week, flexible schedule; evenings and weekends as needed

$20 an hour and some benefits

Equal Opportunity Employer

To apply, please submit a resume to by November 15.