Free Solar Panels for Kansas Homes


Yes, you read correctly. Cromwell Solar in Lawrence, the only company in Kansas with this offer, will install solar panels on your roof for free. You simply pay a leasing fee that is smaller than what you are now paying the utility company. Your electricity keeps flowing like always, only it costs you less and is cleaner and better for the environment. You also end up owning the solar system at the end of the lease, giving you decades of free electricity and adding significant value to your home.

They are looking to partner with Kansas congregations and Green Teams to get the word out. They can provide a speaker for your church or synagogue who will explain the program and its benefits. This program can also be a means of raising funds for your Green Team.

SSC is pleased to collaborate with Cromwell Solar to encourage use of solar energy. If you want more information, please contact Stanci March, a representative from Cromwell, who attended our Clergy Workshop last week: 785-749-6010 or  You can also find additional details at