Why is Bob Hill Preaching Four Sermons on Earth Stewardship?

When most congregations are lucky to hear even one sermon on caring for the Earth, what motivates Dr. Bob Hill, senior minister at Community Christian Church, to give four this April? In an interview, Dr. Hill says it’s because Holy Scripture compels us to tend the garden of creation. Reason and tradition also motivate him to lift up this important theme because Earth, the only home we have, is in serious trouble.

Dr. Bob Hill

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Through his sermons, Rev. Hill is eager to help his congregants to find more of God in creation. “We neglect the proclamation of God’s goodness in creation, and fail to see the poetry in a rose or the symphony in the whirr of a hummingbird’s wings,” says Dr. Hill. He also hopes his listeners are more convinced of their religious responsibility to care for the Earth, making changes in their personal lives and working for policy changes that benefit creation.

What would he say to clergy who haven’t yet committed to giving at least one sermon for the Earth in 2013? “There is strength in numbers and we need you! Look at the list of 50 clergy on the SSC website who’ve made the commitment,” he says, “and call one or two to seek their counsel about why they are doing it.” He is convinced that most clergy don’t actively resist the idea, but simply haven’t given it much thought. Nor do they realize there were books about the theology of ecology written many years ago already.

When asked about his reaction to the Interfaith Worship Resource on Earth Stewardship distributed by Sustainable Sanctuary, he said he plans to use it, and particularly liked the sermon samples and the link to Eco-Justice Notes, which were excellent.

Our support and gratitude go out to Dr. Hill and to all the clergy who have joined the SSC campaign to preach on Earth stewardship in 2013! There’s still time to sign up! Follow this link and join the chorus of preachers reaching thousands of people with God’s message of protecting the Earth.


Here is more information on Dr. Hill’s sermon series in case you’d like to hear him. I’m sure he would be thrilled with an overflow church on the Sundays he is preaching about Earth stewardship!


Sermon Series

Sunday mornings: 8:00/9:20 and 10:45

Community Christian Church, 4601 Main, KCMO

ECO: For the Beauty of the Earth

April 7: Loving the Earth (without Worshipping It)

April 14: A Timbered Choir

April 21: Becoming An Instrument of God’s Peace

April 28: A Word about Water