What’s Happening at SSC

100 Sermons Project – We have 40 clergy signed up to give sermons regarding Earth stewardship, and are working hard to get to our goal. If you know any clergy, would you please invite them to take part? Refer them to this website and the Faith and Ecology tab.

Programs – We are getting more requests from congregations to give talks or classes for them, and we are thrilled with this opportunity. We will soon formalize this by having a Speakers Bureau that lists speakers and topics. Meanwhile, give us a call if you have a need. 913-677-8672. Also, be sure to check out our events page to see all the great educational opportunities we have coming up.

Volunteering – If you want to make a difference for the Earth, please consider volunteering with SSC. It can be as simple as a one-time project such as making phone calls, or as extensive as being on one of our teams, such as Development, Facilities, Green Teams, Spiritual, or Outreach. If you are interested, call me at 913-677-8672 to explore what would work best for you.

Greening Facilities – We are looking for a few people with interest in greening facilities to consult with us about what services congregations most need in this regard. Also, if you have an immediate need, contact us and we’ll see if someone can come consult with you.

Great Speaker in Lawrence Next Week – Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker, Director of the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology, will be giving several presentations in Lawrence on Feb. 27 and 28th. She will show and discuss her new film, “Journey of the Universe,” on Wed. evening and give a communty presentation on “The Emerging Alliance of Religion and Ecology” on Thursday evening. For more information and a flier, contact Alice Weiss at amweiscat@hotmail.com.