A Message from SSC Board President, Rev. Dwight Tawney

I serve as President of the Board of SSC because, as someone personally concerned about the health of the planet, I share the organization’s belief that there is a spiritual, religious, and moral imperative to be good stewards of the Earth and its resources. As a minister, I also believe communities of faith have an important role to play in meeting the environmental challenges currently facing our planet.

Sustainable Sanctuary exists to support congregations like yours and mine in our Earth-care efforts. SSC does that in three general ways: by providing Green Team training and support, by providing resources and guidance for creating and maintaining sustainable facilities, and by providing programs and resources for clergy and laypeople that highlight the spiritual and religious imperative of taking care of God’s creation.

As you might expect, all this work takes money, and so I’m asking you to consider including SSC in your year-end giving plans.

But I’m not just asking you to give to SSC because we are a great organization that does good work. I’m also asking you to consider giving to SSC because of the value SSC has given to your congregation over the years.

It’s likely that you or someone else from your congregation has attended one of our Green Team training workshops. What is the value of the volunteer leadership skills now given in service to your congregation? Perhaps your facility manager has attended one of our Facility Manger Workshops. What is the value of the changes they have made at your facility based on information they received at the workshop that have resulted in lower utility bills and lower ecological impact? Maybe you or your minister, priest, or rabbi has attended one of our Clergy workshops or have used our Earth Day Worship Resource guide in preparing a sermon on Earth-care. What’s the value of that to your congregation?

The work that the Sustainable Sanctuary Coalition does on behalf of the Earth is priceless and no accurate dollar value can be put on it. But what is the value SSC brings to your congregation?

If you think its value is $50, then please consider giving a gift of that amount.

If you think the value is $100, then consider a gift of that amount.

Without the financial support of people like you, SSC simply can’t continue to do the work that, in turn, supports your congregation—and the Earth.

On behalf of SSC, I thank you for your commitment to sustaining the health of this planet we all call home.

Your check can be mailed to: Sustainable Sanctuary Coalition, PO Box 732, Mission, KS 66201. Or, to give by credit or debit card, simply click on the “Donate” button to the right on this page. If you give before Christmas, it will be matched dollar for dollar.

May the joy and shalom of this season surround you and your congregation in the year ahead.